Invention Patent:

Wall insulation technique of rock wool insulation board and compound thermal insulating mortar in 2013

Wall insulation technique of curtain wall by anchoring and pasting inorganic thermal insulation decoration clad plate in 2013

Utility Model Patent:

Tooth type right-angle coupler in 2011

Pin type right-angle coupler in 2011

Cleaning components of high-storey concrete pumping pipeline in 2013

Emergency board for pipe fracture of pump arm of concrete vehicle in 2013

Coupler-type wall-linking elements in 2013

Stop-grouting plug clamp in 2013

Wall template support frame in 2013

Steel construction of movable roof in 2013

Wall insulation structure in 2013

Fire cabinets for inside wall placing in 2015

A remote warning device of safeguard door lock in 2015


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