Changnan Construction Group won the Honorary Title of "2017 National Implementation Customer Satisfaction Project"

In November 2017, Changnan Construction won the honorary title of Customer Satisfaction in "2017 National Customer Satisfaction Engineering and Construction Engineering".

01.jpgThe "National Implementation of Customer Satisfaction Project" is one of the important awards set in recognition of the implementation of advanced units of customer satisfaction projects across the country. The purpose is to guide enterprises to establish a user-centered business philosophy and customer satisfaction as the standard quality concept to continuously improve products , engineering and service quality, use quality win the market, so that enterprises will establish a strong market competitiveness. At the same time, it is also the highest honor given by the China Quality Association on behalf of customers for the quality and service management of the enterprise. The aim is to reflect the voice of users and make use of the role of users through the third-party user satisfaction assessment to recognize the enterprises, products, construction projects and services with high customer satisfaction, promote the concept of customer satisfaction, and promote the implementation of enterprises customer satisfaction works to promote the products, engineering, service quality and market competitiveness continuously improve across the whole society.

02.jpgFor a long time, Changnan Construction always adheres to the business philosophy of "Customer First, Honesty and Trustworthiness", and construction management philosophy of "Hundred Years, Safety First and Quality First". This is in line with the principle of "Quality and Benefit" in the work of China Quality Association and National User Committee as the center, in-depth promotion of customer satisfaction project "in the direction of a high degree of consistency, effectively promoted the company's service management and market competitiveness.



As a top-grade enterprise in the construction industry, Changnan Construction always regards safety and quality as the basis of building construction and adheres to customer satisfaction as its standard to continuously improve its quality and service quality. It is also a good benchmark for the industry. We will set a good example, and play the leading role of demonstration.


 Department of Strategic and Cultural Affairs

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