Jiangxi Nuclear Geological Bureau Party Secretary, Director Huang Jiangming and His Entourage Visit Our Company

At the afternoon of November 3, Huang Jiangming, party secretary and director of Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Nuclear Geology visited our headquarters environment and multimedia center successively. The two sides held informal discussions and exchanges. The chairman and president of the group Nie Shunjin accompanied.

01.jpgNieshunjin, Chairman of the Board of Jiangxi Zhongqi Holdings Group.

02.jpgJiangxi Nuclear Geological Bureau Party Secretary, Director Huang Jiangming


Chairman Nie Shunjin warmly welcomed and expressed his heart-felt thanks to the provincial Nuclear Geological Bureau for its long-term support to our company on behalf of the group.


04.jpgAt the symposium, Chairman Nie Shunjin introduced the group's development, strategic layout and five major development goals. He pointed out that the company has developed into a diversified and innovative modern enterprise group, using green, environmental protection, intelligent new technologies and new concepts for resource integration. Its business spanned buildings, finance, real estate, smart city, cultural media etc. We will create a modern enterprise group that takes the construction industry as the mainstay, goes hand in hand with multiple fields and innovates and develops.

05.jpgAfter hearing the introduction, Secretary Huang Jiangming affirmed the achievements made by the company in recent years and pointed out that both sides have deep historical origins and have always had exchanges and cooperation. He hopes both sides will strengthen all-roundly through various channels and in various ways in the future cooperate with each other, complement mutual advantages, activate assets, promote common development and achieve the goal of mutual benefit and win-win.




Chairman Nie said that all staff will work together, firmly grasp the strategic opportunities, cooperate sincerely, exert their own advantages in projects to achieve win-win cooperation.



09.jpgWan Yihui, director of Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Nuclear Industry Geology, and Wang Shuangshi, chairman of Jiangxi Nuclear Industry Investment and Development Co., Ltd., accompanied the investigation.


Department of Strategic and Cultural Affairs


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