Changnan Construction Group 2018 New Year's Party Wonderfully Staged

On the evening of December 29, 2017, Changnan Construction Group celebrated the 2018 New Year's party in Jialaite International Classic Hotel in Nanchang.

01.jpgChairman of the Board NieShunjin Delivering a Speech


Nearly 700 people from Changnan Construction Group, together with their families and guests, gathered together to watch the New Year's audio-visual feast devoted by the company. In the laughter, singing and dancing, the 2018 Spring Festival was welcomed.

02.jpg Solo Dance Yan Hua Yi Leng

03.jpgSolo Song Miss the big bowl tea


Before the party, Chairman NieShunjin delivered a warm New Year's Day speech. On behalf of the company, he expressed his sincerest wishes to all the customers who care and support the construction and development of Changnan and to all the friends worked hard all the time Greetings and best wishes!

04.jpgDance Red Sleeve Add Fragrance

05.jpgChildren Dance ‘’ Childhood Joys

06.jpgSitcom Answer Race

The party kicked off in the magnificent large-scale dance "Choi Fong Spring". Compared with previous years, this year's party is more enriched on the selection of programs. Comic dialogue, acrobatics, opera, musical instruments,magic, songs and other programs were showcased. The grand performance of the entire show, colorful, climax after another, applause continued. Actors graceful dance, loud singing, to the whole society to show the good spirit of Changnan people, showing a wonderful visual feast for the audiences.

07.jpgDance Trouble Maker

08.jpg Song Flying Worms

09.jpgFree Talk Praise the Company’’


God help those who help themselves, with everyday is changing. Looking back at a 2017,  under the leadership of Chairman Nieh Shun Kim's "Five Development Goals," we have experienced a number of major events: the establishment of Jiangxi Tangyang Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., leading the construction industry in Jiangxi into the BIM era; Involved in investing in Jiangxi Green City Investment Hang Xiao Technology Co., Ltd., and actively participate in building Wuyang fabricated building industry park; actively respond to the national "One Belt, One Road" strategy, go abroad, highlighting overseas markets; topped Jiangxi 2017 Top 12 private enterprises; Provincial labor unions carried out "build a family, strong family, warm homespecial action into the "Nie Shun Kim model workshop" ; Jiangxi Province Urban Underground Space Research Center, Academy of Sciences workstation have been approved; billion standard one after another gains, good news constantly , business performance hit a new high.

10.jpg Dance Love of Butterfly

11.jpgSolo SongRepay the country with loyalty’’

12.jpg Sign Language Headstrong 



As the first year of new era, Changnan Construction was fruitful, the company won the " Advanced Enterprise of National Construction Industry", "National Excellent Construction Enterprise", "National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise" and many other awards.  Today's Changnan Construction, the main theme is louder, positive energy is more robust!

13.jpg Dance Never forget the beginning of the heart, go forward

14.jpg  Solo Ambition in my heart


Singing loudly, dancing gracefully, the grand atmosphere of the show has also created numerous impressions, which is the annual event of Changnan Construction Group, showing the essence of Chang Nan staff. The whole party ended in a peaceful and warm picture.

15.jpg The Hosts



Department of Strategy and Culture Affairs 



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