[Thanksgiving 2017, Welcome 2018]---Chang Nan Construction Group Chairman Nie Shunjin Addressed

On the eve of the New Year, Nie Shunjin, chairman of Jiangxi Changnan Construction Group Co., Ltd., delivered a congratulation on the New Year of 2018 via company's WeChat public platform and the official website of the company.

01.jpg Chairman of the Board, Mr. Nieshunjin

End of the year, there is a special care wrapped around our hearts. Swipe the phone screen, greetings gently from your fingertips. In a blink of an eye, we are about to send away the full, busy and fruitful 2017, ushered in a challenging, passionless 2018. On the occasion of this welcome, we hereby, on behalf of the Group Corporation, extend my sincere greetings to all the customers who care and support the construction and development of Changnan and all the staff who have worked hard in all positions for a long time most heartfelt blessing! 


In the past year, the construction industry changed dramatically, and we Changan Construction Group also experienced the ups and downs. This year was a year of precipitous growth and ebb and flow for the construction market. It was also a crucial year for Changnan to accumulate. Looking back over the past year, under the leadership of the "Five Big Development Goals," Changnan Construction took the initiative to adapt and grasp the new normal of economic development, solved the contradiction between supply and demand structure, and promoted the transformation and upgrading of enterprises into a smart transformation.


God help those who help themselves, with each day changing. Looking back at a 2017 that we walked together, how many major things we have went through together:


Set up Jiangxi Tangyang Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., leading the construction industry in Jiangxi BIM era;


Involved in investing in Jiangxi Green Construction Investment and  Hang Xiao Technology Co., Ltd., and actively participate in building Wuyang assembly-type construction industry park;


Actively respond to the national strategy of "One Belt and One Road" and go global without exception. The achievements in overseas markets have been highlighted.


Topped the top 12 private enterprises in Jiangxi Province in 2017;


The province's labor unions carried out "build a family, strong family, warm home" special action into the "Nie Shun Kim model workshop" to study;


Jiangxi Urban Underground Space Research Center, academician workstation have been approved;


We won100 million yuan tender again and again, good news constantly coming, fast reporting, business performance hit a new high.


We are grateful for the times, we assume the mission, this year we are still on the site sweating, still in high office buildings ... ... no matter how busy we are, how far we go, we always been a kind of power to tie him down and is summoned by a kind of responsibility. So we saw that Changnan Construction actively participated in the tough battle against poverty and visited the elderly in the nursing home to help students complete their studies. The Guangzhou Branch went to Zhuhai to fight against Typhoon.


As the first year of the new era, Changan Construction is fruitful, the company won the "National Construction Industry Advanced Enterprise", "National Excellent Construction Enterprise", "National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise" and many other awards. From today to the future, Changnan construction will be motivated,gorgeous transformation.


Changan Construction always sticks to the core values of "people-oriented and realistic refinement" with a sincere heart and defends the construction management philosophy of "Hundred Years, Safety First and Quality First" with its own practical actions. With high quality Attitude of service interpretation of the "customer first, integrity-based" business philosophy, effectively promoted the company's service management and market competitiveness, has been highly recognized by the community and widely praised!


Looking back on 2017, we are impassioned; looking forward to 2018, we are full of confidence. The new year is about to start, and the new goal is inspiring. As a top 100 construction enterprise, Changnan Construction always takes safety and quality as the basis of building construction and adheres to customer satisfaction as its standard to continuously improve its quality and service quality. We will continue to build "Luban" quality projects and become a benchmark of the industry. Good example, good demonstration, and effectively play a leading mode role.


Opening the curtain of a new era, I sincerely hope that all Changnan staff will continue their firm belief and perseverance. They will work step by step and work steadily to make unremitting efforts to create a brilliant future for our common dream.


Strong employees will make the business boom, enterprises boom, the staff will be rich. Because of you, here we are. Bless a new era, I wish you a Happy New Year!


03.jpgThank you all.


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