Management Work Conference of 2017

On February 27,2017, the summing up of the annual management work in 2016 and the management work conference in 2017 was held in Guiyang. We recalled the great achievements we had made, summed up the successful experiences, analyzed the risks in work, pointed out the existing problems and deployed tasks for 2017. We also commended excellent teams in 2016.



The conference started after the passionate anthem of our company. CEO Nie Shunjin delivered a work report titled Strive for the realization of five development targets. The report comprehensively analyzed the current situation of construction market; put forward approaches to market competition and challenges. It also presented us with New Normal of the current national economy, the continuous upgrading state and the effective work for achieving the management goal throughout the year.


Nie pointed out that 2017 was the first year of five goals in the development strategy, which required us to seize all opportunities, consolidate the existing achievements, actively and steadily grab market share, win more tenders and create a new situation in 2017. We needed to further deepen reform, abandon the extensive management, carry out fine management, firmly control the bottom line of risks, strive for fast development and giant leap; also to speed up the transformation, adhere to the concept of creation and innovation, strive to create a diversified development way; To revivify, be responsible and be loyal to creat new glories; To be united and give full play to the advantages of our company, overcome the difficulties and challenge and move on.


Nie demanded that we adhered to the concept of creation and innovation and made stable progress and moved forward, being target and problems oriented, jointly operated, being focused and strive to achieve the five targets sooner. The late Vice General Manager declared the decision to commend excellent teams of 2016. The outstanding branches of Chengdu, Nanchang, Hainan, Hunan, Shandong were conferred Excellent Team.



Nie commended the excellent teams. Persons in charge of each branches delivered speeches while focusing on the topic of the conference. They seriously discussed the work report, shared experiences in operation, explored the current situations of market, analyzed the existing problems in work and proposed new thinking and new approaches to challenges. 


This conference laid a solid foundation for steady and fast development of our company. Nie, on behalf of the group company, signed Contracts Agreement with Branches in 2017 and Quality and Security Responsibility Certificates in 2017. Finally, the host and Vice General Manager Xiong Xiaoming reminded each department and branch to deliver the spirits of this conference, carry out the deployed tasks, being united and achieve new victory.


Key personnel of the group company, departments and branches attended the conference.

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