The Opening Ceremony for Aid-Eritrea Chinese Medical Team Residences Apartment Project Was Held Successfully

  On 1st, June, the opening ceremony for the Aided-Eritrea Chinese Medical Team Residences Apartment Project was held on site in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea.

  Cai Enyan, Xiong Wei, Wang Chao and Yuan Hai from Changnan attended the ceremony with delegates from Huashang International Engineering Management Co., Ltd. China’s Ambassador to Eritrea, Yang Zigang and Chinese Medical Team in Eritrea Yue Shuangzhu, Secretary of Economic Counsellor’s Office Zhu Zhe, and AbrahaAsfaha, the Minister of Engineering Department of Eritrea also were present at the opening ceremony.

  The China’s Ambassador to Eritrea Yang Zigang delivered a speech in the beginning of the ceremony. He hoped that the successful complement of this project would improve the living conditions for the Chinese medical team and would support the everlasting friendship between China and Eritrea in the future.

  Cai Enyan, the construction team leader said that the total investment amount for this 3-storey frame structure project was 23,000,000 RMB, and the construction area was 2300 square meters.  He and his colleagues would finish this project on time and well.

  Later, the Ambassador Yang Zigang, together with AbrahaAsfaha and Huashang Delegate perform the ribbon-cutting ceremony.



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