Zhongqi Holdings Group Co.,Ltd Grandly Held 2017 Work Summary and Commendation Ceremony

On February 11, 2018, Zhongqi Holdings Group held the 2017 Work Summary and Commendation Meeting at the 12th floor of the headquarters building. The meeting conscientiously implemented the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, comprehensively summarized the work in 2017, analyzed the economic situation facing the new era, and arranged the deployment2018 tasks to mobilize the cadres and workers of Group,  under the guidance of the first heart, bearing in mind the mission to create a multi-field innovation and development of modern enterprise group and forged ahead under guidance of "Five Development Goals,"  Chairman and president of the Group made the work report, Vice President Yu read the recognition decision and the meeting was presided over by vice president Xiong Xiaoming.

01-01.jpgChairman NieShunajin Making the Work Report


The magnificent song opened the prelude to the conference. Vice President Yu read out "Jiangxi Zhongqi Holding Group Co., Ltd. Award Recognition Decision on Advanced Collectives and Advanced Individuals for 2017" and awarded Jiangxi Regional Office with Outstanding Achievements in 2017 "Advanced Collective" honorary title, and awarded 17 comrades such as Wu Fen "Advanced Individual" honorary title. Representatives of advanced collectives such as Zhou Rongping and advanced personal representative Liang Chi made typical speeches.

02.jpgAt the meeting, the chairman and president Nie Shunjin made a work report. In his speech, Nie Shunjin pointed out that in 2017 the group actively took the initiative to adapt to and grasp the new normal of economic development, solved the contradiction between supply and demand structure, actively responded to the complicated situations in and abroad, and adhered to the management guideline of seeking progress with stability. Endeavor, temper forward, made a series of excellent results. First, the basic realization of enterprise restructuring.  The establishment of Jiangxi Zhongqi Holding Group and the headquarters building put into operation; the Intelligent City project started well and completed the share reform with a successful bidder; the intelligent parking project progressed steadily; the first PPP project was started; Tangyang consulting company was set up to lead Jiangxi construction industry towards BIM era; We also invested in Hang xiao Science and Technology Co.,Ltd and actively build Wuyang fabricated building industrial park; Responded to the national "One Belt and One Road" strategy, we made outstanding achievements in transitional development. Second, the annual work performance is gratifying. Academy of Sciences workstation was approved to help urban underground space research; Design Institute output increased steadily; Technological innovation capability continues to increase, workmanship, patent research and development results are outstanding; Training school total test of nearly 7,000 people, special school building in full swing; , "Chang Nan" brand constantly singing. Take the lead in fulfilling social responsibilities and make greater contributions in employment, tax payment and poverty alleviation. Third, continuous improvement of corporate governance. Strengthen the quality and safety management, no general safety accidents throughout the year; information management platform has been transformed and upgraded;  effectively control the risk of the enterprise according to the law; financial accounting improved, regulate the funds to ensure the taxes payment; focus on corporate culture, the company cohesion significantly improved. Fourth, the social influence is unprecedented promoted. The company topped the list of top 12 private-owned enterprises in Jiangxi Province in 2017. It was awarded the title of "Customer-Satisfied Enterprise in China". The labor union system of the province walked into the workshop of "Model Workers Innovation Lab" in Nanchang County led by the Company.

03.jpgChairman Nie Shunjin also analyzed the economic trend after the 19th NPC and encouraged all cadres and workers. We should create a modern enterprise group that goes hand in hand with innovation and development in many fields instead of waiting. Instead, we would like all our staff here to roll up their sleeves to work with added energy.

04.jpgAt the meeting, Chairman Nie Shunjin made specific arrangements on 13 aspects of departmental management and output value targets in combination with the "Five Development Goals" of the Group. He pointed out that 2018 will be the year in which the 19th Plenum of the 19 National Congress will be fully and thoroughly implemented, the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, and a critical year for deciding to build a well-off society in an all-round way and implementing the "13th Five-Year Plan." It is also a crucial year for the Group to thoroughly implement the supply-side reform throughout the year and do a good job of industrial restructuring.

05.jpg Part of the Representatives Making the Speeches


Chairman Nie emphasized that we must share the same frequency with the pulse of the new era. We must overcome difficulties, work hard and strive toward the "Five Major Development Goals" of the Group. We should use the new thinking to reach the top and keep a long way to the goal of steady progress. We should seize the strategic opportunities of quality reform, efficiency reform and dynamic reform so as to promote the continuous development of high-quality and high-efficiency corporate groups in the province pioneer in the first pilot, and to be the lead in playing the spirit of hard work in the construction industry in the country to catch up as the first.



Chairman Nie called for all cadres and workers, let us sail along with the new era. Let us use the "Luban" spirit to fight for the company's tomorrow!  Let us hand in hand, side by side, to integrate our "Corporate Dream" into the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Under the leadership of "Five Development Goals" of Zhongqi Holding Group, we have never forgotten the initial mind, keeping in mind the mission, and forged into a modern enterprise group that innovates and develops in a multi-field manner.



Vice President Xiong Xiaoming summarized the meeting and emphasized and made the plan to implement the spirit of Chairman Nie's important speech.


More than 150 employees of all the subsidiaries and group functional departments of the Group attended the meeting. After the conference, as the Spring Festival is around the corner, the company organized a dinner party and took a group photo for the purpose of enhancing company cohesion and strengthening communication among employees.



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