Changnan Construction and Municipal Engineering Carry Out Strategic Cooperation Kenya Branch Grand Opening

On the morning of January 25th, Nanchang Municipal Engineering Development Group Kenya Co., Ltd., established by Jiangxi Changnan Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Nanchang Municipal Engineering Development Group Co., Ltd., was established in Nairobi, Kenya. Guo Ce, Counselor of the People’s Republic of China to Kenya, Chairman Nie Shunjin of Changnan Construction Group, and Wang Xiao, Chairman of Nanchang Municipal Engineering Development Group, attended the ceremony to cut the ribbon for the new company. The leaders and employees of the Kenya branch witnessed the establishment of the new company.



At the ceremony, Nie Shunjin, chairman of Changnan Construction Group, delivered an important speech. He expressed his warm congratulations on the smooth opening of the company, and he also extended his warmest congratulations and heartfelt thanks to the company’s leadership, friends from all walks of life and all the staff involved in the preparatory work.



Nie Shunjin pointed out that it is a predestined relationship to meet in Kenya, thousands of miles away from the motherland, we still gather together to set up companies and create businesses. The fate of this one is self-evident! He stressed that in the face of challenges and opportunities in foreign markets, we need to cooperate sincerely, complement each other, help each other, give full play to our respective strengths, make full use of local resources, and expand our company to become bigger and stronger. In the end, he wished the Kenya branch a thriving and prosperous business.


03.jpgWang Xiao, chairman of the Municipal Engineering Group, pointed out in his speech that he will form long-term friendly and cooperative relations with partners of all parties. He will sincerely cooperate in the long-term future to realize mutual benefit and common development.



In his speech, Counselor Guo Ze congratulated the opening of the company and requested the company to operate in accordance with laws and regulations, do a good job in social integration, pay attention to transformation and upgrading, and make contributions to the development of Sino-Kenyan economic and trade cooperation.



After the ceremony, the guests and leaders attending the event watched a wonderful show together.


Strategic Culture Department & Overseas Division

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