Changnan  Construction  Held  2018  Operation Management Meeting

Pursue new development, rejuvenate new vitality, determine new era

Changnan Construction held 2018 operation management meeting

With contracting projects as company’s developing faucet, which will lays a solid foundation for the company to fully enter the “new era”.  On March 18th, the second lunar month of the lunar calendar began to rise. The Group's 2017 business operation summary commendation and 2018 operation and management work held in the “Great Leader Chairman Mao’s Hometown” Shaoshan City. The General Assembly also pointed out the advanced collectives that have emerged in 2017 in order to comprehensively deepen the direction of branch management. Chairman Nie Shun Jin made the Group's business work report, deputy general manager Nie Qiang read the commendation decision, and the meeting was chaired by Executive Deputy General Manager Xiong Xiaoming.




(Pictures: Dedicating Flower Baskets to Chairman Mao's Bronze Statue)

On the morning of the 18th, Shaoshan was under the rain, and according to the agenda of the meeting, the company organized all the participants to present a basket of flowers to Chairman Mao Zedong's bronze statue. As the solemn "Court of Flowers" slowly sounded, two flower saluters raised their flowers and slowly advanced to the bronze statue of the chairman. Chairman Nie Shunjin led all the participants to the area to pay tribute to Comrade Mao Zedong's bronze statue. He took a slow walk around the bronze statue of the chairman and paid tribute to the style of the great man and expressed his infinite respect and gratitude to Comrade Mao Zedong.


Picture: Chairman Nie made the operation work report


In the morning, the conference kicked off with the vocal singing of Teng Fei Chang Nan. Then Nie Shunjin, the chairman of the company, made a report on the management work titled “Seeking New Development, Rejuvenating New Energies and Determining New Era”. President Nie's report summed up the achievements and encouraged him to work on a new chapter. The report not only comprehensively analyzes and summarizes the operations of the year 2017, but also makes a comprehensive review of another extraordinary year the group has gone through. It also conducted a strategic plan for building high-level plan for the work of 2018.


Picture: standing deputy president Xiongxiaoming hosted the meeting & Vice president Nieqiang read out the advanced commendation

 Chairman Nie Shunjin pointed out that under the guidance of the “Five Development Goals,” the company emancipates the mind, courageously takes on the responsibility, dares to take the lead, solidly practices the new development concept, deepens reform and opening up, leads the drive of innovation, and continuously enhances attraction and creativity. Competitiveness has achieved a series of breakthroughs. Not only has it been acknowledged by the higher authorities, it has also significantly increased its social influence.


Chairman Nie Shunjin demanded that the company should use Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era as a guide and issue-oriented, study the policy in a timely manner, deploy it early, and closely integrate planning tasks with the formulation of concrete measures, and strengthen the division of responsibilities, down to earth, and then the actual results can only be opened in the new journey, open a new situation, continue to write a new chapter.


Chairman Nie Shunjin emphasized that we must persist in advancing with the times, take joint ventures as our achievements, create benefits ourselves, aim for problems and guide them, take the initiative to take the initiative, take the initiative and take the initiative with our sense of urgency and self-responsibility. To forge "Changnan Construction" as a famous brand and achieve "Five Development Goals".


 Leaders Awarding to the advanced collective

The company's deputy general manager, Nie Qiang, read out the "Decision on Advanced Collective Commendation for the 2017 Business Operation" and awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Collective" to the Sichuan Branch, the Jiangxi Regional, and the Guangxi Branch that have achieved outstanding results in their 2017 work.



Some of the branch manager signing the agreement

At the meeting, heads of branch companies outside the province and heads of relevant departments of the group communicated from the management, finance, and project management. The chairman of the board of directors and relevant department heads answered the questions raised. Chairman Nie Shunjin signed on behalf of the company with the heads of branch companies the "2018 Branch Contracting Agreement" and "2018 Quality and Safety Responsibility Form."



 Operation  Management Work Meeting Site 

Finally, Xiong Xiaoming, the moderator and standing deputy general manager of the conference, stressed that after the meeting, all branches and departments must carefully convey the spirit of the conference, implement the task of the conference's deployment, and follow the direction specified by the conference, with confidence, difficulties, and courage. , Unite colleagues to work with high morale and full of enthusiasm to work to ensure that the company achieves all goals and tasks throughout the year.


Participates take a photo for memory


This business conference successfully completed all the agendas in a warm and united atmosphere and ended successfully.



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