Happy "June 1" share you, me and him

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——Jiangxi Changnan construction group gives children's Day gifts

In this beautiful season when lotus flowers are so red, we bid farewell to the red may of durian and usher in the "June 1" International Children's day.


The annual "June 1 International Children's Day" is a festival for children. It has always been the goal of every country in the world to create a good family, social and learning environment for all children, so that they can grow up healthily, happily and happily.


On May 29, Changnan Construction Group carefully prepared a holiday gift for the children of employees under the age of 14. There were not only intimate and practical love blanket, but also a neck hanging fan in summer, rope skipping for healthy exercise, delicious snacks and cool kawayi's children's glasses This colorful gift bag carries the most simple greetings and sincere wishes of Changnan construction group to the employees' children. The bright buds are in bud, and the young chicks are flying. The future road is far and long, and the growth process is all over the bush. The Group sincerely wishes the children health and happiness and Thrive!