Party building work system of the CPC Changnan Party committee

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Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 These measures are formulated for the purpose of standardizing the development of party affairs, strengthening the education and management of Party members, and giving full play to the political guidance and service function of Party organizations.

Article 2 scope of application: group Party committee, branch and all Party members (including floating Party members).

Chapter II Basic System of Party Building

Article 3 working system of Party Organizations

1. The Party committee of an enterprise shall carry out its work under the leadership of the party organization at a higher level, attend meetings held by the higher level on time, accept instructions, accept tasks and perform duties.

2. At the beginning of the year, the party building work plan for the whole year shall be formulated and implemented according to the plan after being submitted to the higher Party Organization for approval.

3. Taking advantage of such opportunities as the theme party day and the party building day, the Party committee shall organize and carry out group Party activities at least once every six months and hold a democratic life meeting once a year.

4. The Party committee shall report the activities of the party organization to the general manager's office meeting every six months, put forward opinions and suggestions on the production and operation of the enterprise, and listen to the opinions and suggestions of the group leaders on the party organization.

5. Actively organize all kinds of Party mass activities, and organize non party members to participate when necessary.

6. We should lead the construction of Youth League organizations such as young women workers in enterprises and support them to give full play to their role.

Article 4 the system of "three meetings and one class": the Party group meeting is held once a month, the Party branch committee is once a month, the party meeting is held quarterly, and the party class is held every six months. The attendance and record system of "three meetings and one class" shall be established as the basic basis for assessing the participation of Party members in organizational activities. A kind of

Article 5 organization and life meeting system: before the democratic life meeting, the opinions and suggestions of cadres and masses inside and outside the party shall be extensively solicited, criticism and self-criticism shall be carried out seriously, and the meeting situation shall be reported to the superior organization.

Article 6 system of democratic appraisal of Party members: the Party branch shall organize party members to carry out democratic appraisal activities once a year, carry out regular analysis of Party members' Party spirit, and the evaluation shall be carried out in five stages, namely, learning and education, self-evaluation, inner-party and non party evaluation, organizational investigation and commendation and treatment. The evaluation results are divided into qualified, basically qualified and unqualified.

Article 7 the system of recruiting party members: conscientiously implement the policy of "controlling the total amount, optimizing the structure, improving the quality and giving full play to its role", focus on the front line of enterprise production and operation, professional and technical backbone and management personnel, actively cultivate and develop qualified excellent employees to join the party, so as to achieve the goal of one mature and one developed.

Article 8 Party member activity day system: according to the production and operation situation of the enterprise, one day is determined as the activity day of Party members every month. Party member activities adhere to the principles of amateur, small-scale, decentralized and pragmatic, which will not affect the normal production of enterprises. When organizing activities, the branch must make careful preparations to achieve the "five implementation" of personnel, time, form, content and effect.

Article 9 management system of mobile party members: all Party members who have been employed in the company for more than 6 months shall transfer their organizational relationship to the enterprise in a timely manner; Party members who have been employed for more than 3 months or less than 6 months shall be transferred to temporary organizational relationship or hold "mobile Party member activity certificate" to participate in organizational activities and receive education and management of their party organization.

Article 10 Party affairs publicity system: on the premise of not involving secrets, all party affairs should be made public to all Party members and the masses, mainly including the annual plan of Party building work, the implementation of Party organization activities, the practical work of Party organizations for the masses, the training of Party members including activists and development objects, the acceptance of probationary party members and the conversion of probationary party members, the collection of party expenses, and the rewards and punishments of Party members Etc. A kind of

Article 11 collection system of Party fees: Party members must consciously pay Party fees according to the standard every month. If Party members fail to pay Party fees for six consecutive months without justifiable reasons, they shall be deemed to have left the party by themselves. The Party branch shall hand in the party fee to the higher Party organization once a quarter.

Article 12 learning and education system for Party members: give full play to the learning and service education function of Party Building Centers for Party members, organize party members to learn political theory, scientific culture, laws and regulations and professional knowledge, and improve their ideological and political awareness and professional skills. Party members shall study intensively at least once a month. Party members' study and education should be planned annually, with notes for study and records for activities.

Chapter III supplementary provisions

Article 13 the interpretation and explanation of these measures belong to the Party Committee Office of Jiangxi Changnan construction group, and shall take effect from the date of issuance.

The management measures are approved by Yu Xingxing, Secretary of the board of directors, and Zhang binyun, manager of the strategic culture department.